Culver’s Legend Gift Cards of Colby Jack Pub Burger Sweepstakes


Are you really hungry to try out something different and flavorful? It is the right time to relish southern style bite. Prepare yourself to experience adventure some twist of classic Culver’s Butter Burger and yummy sweet potato chips and join into the Culver’s Legend Gift Cards of Colby Jack Pub Burger Sweepstakes and cross the hands to acquire some free Colby Jack Pub Burger or $500 in Culver’s Gift Cards.


Limit: Daily one entrance per person and per email identification is allowed through the duration of the advertising phase of sweepstakes. Contestants should reach at age 18 decades or above to accomplish entrance procedure.

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The way to input:

Visit and adhere to the directions of completing the form along with your own personal data like name, email id, address and telephone numbers etc.,. Submit the form that’s been filled into receive 1 sweepstakes. Eligible entrant can bring in five additional entrances every day by discussing the advertisements through facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and also email.

On August 4, 2018, one potential winner will be selected randomly from all entries received during the promotion phase of sweepstakes. Lucky winner will receive two $500 Culver’s Gift Cards.

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About Colby Jack Pub Burger:

Why is the Colby Jack Pub Burger distinct? The bun. Because you can easily see from the film, it’s really a hefty bun using a spoonful of sesame seeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin pieces. Secondly, of course that the cheese will be Colby Jack in the place of the standard American utilized on many cheeseburgers. Insert this into the 4 tsp mayo and a 1 steak sauce and you’ve got an extremely different hamburger. Last, the hamburger has a coating of grilled fried onions over the floor (think French’s ontop of this green bean casserole). They describe it to be mid-west raised beef seared on the grill subsequently topped with Wisconsin Colby jack cheese and crispy onions and also a for pepper man with a bit of a 1 steak sauce onto a genuine bar bun expertly seasoned with spices and herbs. There exists a fantastic appearance for this, I will inform you nice bun with the combo of citrus seeds and enjoy a onion roster therefore that is looking very great. I enjoy this fact, what else we’ve have here. I visit that the Colby jack cheese melted squeezing the sides out. I am a cheese fan, therefore I enjoy the appearance of the is going to need a peek under the hood and see what we’ve under. Alright the underside bun has this for avocado mayo plus some a 1 sauce onto the bond and the crispy onion pieces. I enjoy those onions, they are very yummy and that I nibble using a few of the right today or 2. Then there is the beef which mid-west raised beef under the upper bun we’ve got a plane bond also now there it is possible to observe the Colby jack cheese melted there also and it also smelt as two pieces since there is just two patties so that it’s really a piece of colby-jack sprayed each two patties two pieces of cheese. I am up with that one, looks good. Let us have a snack and find out the way that it’s fine certain map link. It’s succulent, you cant estyn absolutely taste all these components. There the onions that the banana mayo the cheese on the bun. It’s extremely excellent. I am enjoying this a great deal, it’s absolutely worth a second snack moving in and emphasise that this can be successful. This really is a clear winner you’re likely to enjoy that one folks. I am not into email at all but that comes with a pepper which for pepper email that’s good.